Minutes of 22 January 2008 Meeting

Thurrock African Group
General Meeting
Tuesday 22nd January 2008
Council Offices, Grays

• Influence the future of Thurrock
• Thurrock Local Development framework
• Holocaust Memorial
• Health awareness day
The Chair Cllr Bukky welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the meeting; she also acknowledged those who sent their apologies.

Influence the future of Thurrock
Cllr Bukky distributed the sheets and encouraged every one to attend the event which will be held on Saturday 2nd February 2008, venue: Culver Centre- Main hall 10 am to 4 pm. This event involved the planning and the vision of Thurrock, and the opportunity for the local people in the community to contribute towards the agenda of shaping Thurrock.
Cllr Bukky informed members that for more information they should contact Levi Hinds on 01375 652 435 0r LXHinds@thurrock.gov.uk and Linda Smith on 01375 652695.
Thurrock Local Development framework
Cllr Bukky passed on a letter sent by Ms Marim Isijola from Planning Policies and Site Allocation. The Core Strategy Policy, CD, Planning Policies and Site Allocation were also distributed amongst members.
Cllr Bukky encouraged members to take part in this project because Black people are also members of the community and it is where we all live also. She emphasised that it will be a good practice for us to be part of these plans.
Cllr Bukky suggested we all go through the letter and the CD and send feedback across to her by email before the end of January 2008.
Two Consultation Documents-:
1. The Core Strategy – This sest out a broad vision of how Thurrock will develop (in line with Thurrock’s Sustainable Community Strategy)
2. The Site Specific Allocations document- This sets out specific site where proposed development will take place.
The consultation will be running from 7th January 2008 until 18th February 2008. Cllr Bukky informed members that Ms Mariam Isijola who works closely with Thurrock Council, (Strategic Planning) will be grateful if she could be contacted on 01375 652270 for views and questions.

Holocaust Memorial
Cllr Bukky informed members that the Corporate Diversity Team invited everyone to listen to the amazing story of the Holocaust survivor, which will take place at the Thameside Theatre in Grays at 5: 30 pm on Thursday 24th January 2008.
Also on Sunday 27th January 2008, a remembrance of the Holocaust Memorial Day will be held at 2:00 pm and between Monday 21st January to Sunday 27th January 2008, the Museum will hold an Exhibition of images . The events are free, and to book for tickets, the Corporate Diversity Team should be contacted on 01375 652958 or emailed at diversity@thurrock.gov.uk
Venue and Date
• Holocaust survival – Thameside Theatre in Grays at 5: 30 pm on Thursday 24th January 2008
• Holocaust Memorial Day Remembrance – Sunday 27th January 2008 at 2:00 pm
• Museum to explore an Exhibition of images – between to explore an Exhibition of images – Monday 21st January 2008 to Sunday 27th January

Health Awareness Day
Cllr Bukky commented we took onboard issues regarding our health.
Mrs Oluremi Adenaike reported that the current strategies of health issues surrounding Black people especially the resent results on health issues are Hepatitis B, sexually transmitted diseases, and side effects on children whose parents are not breast feeding them.
Cllr Bukky suggested that it will be a good idea to set up an event on health awareness for BME woman and get professionals and Mrs Oluremi Adenaike to participate in giving a talk. Cllr Bukky will get in touch with the executives for a fixed date and get back to Mrs Oluremi Adenaike before the end of March 2008.
Cllr Bukky commented TAG will need funding for this project.

Meeting Closed

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