TAG Black History Month Youth Debate

TAG BHM Youth Debate, originally uploaded by thurrockafricangroup.

The Thurrock African Group is inviting Thurrock Schools to take part in the annual Youth Debate Event in celebration of Black History Month. Everyone is also welcome from the community to a join the audience.

Aims / Objectives:

•To engage young people in the spirit of debate, by researching their argument and encouraging a confident delivery of their point of view.

•To broaden knowledge around topical issues and empower the participants to articulate their argument in a fun and informative way.

•To raise awareness about current affairs and the cultural changes in modern society.

•Celebrate the cultural diversity amongst young people in Thurrock by uniting them in topics of interest.

The motions will include the following:

1.“Do Women make better leaders than men (using Ellen Johnson President of Liberia as an example)’

2.“What pressures are there for athletes to perform, does steroids help or is natural talent enough?

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